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  • waterfalls Eastern


    Tortum Waterfall, Erzurum

    Tortum Waterfall in Erzurum is formed at the end of Lake Tortum. Tortum, one of the tallest waterfalls of Türkiye, pours down from a height of about 48 meters.

    The falling water creates rainbows at the top and a large pond at the bottom. In the surrounding area, there is a picnic area for visitors and a viewing terrace. You can descend from the terrace following the stone steps and go under the waterfall – but prepare to get wet!

    Muradiye Waterfall, Van

    Muradiye Waterfall in the Muradiye district of Van is located on Bend-i Mahi Creek. It's the perfect destination for those who want to spend a quiet day in nature. In the winter when the waterfall freezes, an image similar to the Pamukkale travertines emerges.

    The water flows down from Mount Tendürek, which is a shield volcano. Muradiye Waterfall has a height of 15 meters and has a hanging bridge for pedestrians.

    Darende Günpınar Waterfall, Malatya

    Günpınar Waterfall is located approximately 10 kilometers west of Malatya’s Darende District. The water drops from a height of about 45 meters. It is a popular picnic spot for locals, and you can also find a restaurant and teahouse here.

    Kırk Merdiven Waterfall, Tunceli

    Located in the Ovacık district of Tunceli, the Kırk Merdiven Waterfall is located on the slopes of the Munzur Mountains. It consists of several waterfalls flowing through a narrow and small valley.

    The waterfall, whose name means “forty stairs” in Turkish, is one of the first stops on the route to the highlands in the north of Ovacık district. The abundance of water at the waterfall and in its surroundings is striking.

    Kırk Merdiven Waterfall is not accessible by car. A two-hour hike is required to reach the waterfall. Along the way, there are many opportunities to observe endemic plants.

    Ore Waterfall, Hakkari

    Ore Waterfall in the province of Hakkari is one of the region’s most beautiful natural sites. The waterfall, which is located at a high altitude, falls from a height of about 25 meters. During especially cold winters, it sometimes freezes, creating a spectacular vista. In spring, it has a high flow volume.

    If you are interested in rock climbing, the area's steep slopes offer the perfect challenge.

    Girlevik Waterfalls, Erzincan

    Girlevik Waterfalls, located in the town of Çağlayan, southeast of Erzincan, are famous for their natural cool climate and beauty. In winter, the water freezes, and stalactites are formed creating climbing opportunities. In the summer, the microclimate here is cool and refreshing.

    The waterfall is 33 kilometers from the center of Erzincan. The water of Girlevik Waterfalls descends from the village of Kalecik, located on the slope of the Munzur Mountains. The water exits from nine separate areas, descends in three stages, and reaches the waterfalls through a creek bed. The height of the waterfalls is approximately 40 meters.