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  • waterfalls Black Sea


    Güzeldere Waterfall, Düzce

    The Güzeldere Falls Nature Park, located in the village of Güzeldere in the Gölyaka district of Düzce Province, offers magnificent natural beauty. Güzeldere Waterfall cascades from a height of 130 meters.

    As you approach the waterfall after a beautiful walk-in nature, you will hear the splendid soaring sound of falling water. A majestic view will welcome you, full of magnificent colors.

    Samandere Waterfall, Düzce

    Samandere Waterfall is one of the must-see destinations in Düzce. It's a true monument of nature.

    The surrounding nature is ideal for trekking and hiking. Escaping the city noise for a few days, you can set up a tent around the waterfall, which is about two hours from İstanbul and Ankara.

    Saklıkent Waterfall, Düzce

    Saklıkent Waterfall is 40 kilometers from the city center of Düzce, between Ankara and İstanbul. There is a wooden bridge next to the waterfall, which creates a beautiful ambiance.

    Especially in autumn, nature’s yellow, red, orange, and green hues come together and offer visitors spectacular views. You can take some fantastic photos here!

    The area also has picnic areas, places where you can set up tents, and restaurants where you can eat delicious local trout.

    Erfelek Waterfalls, Sinop

    Located in the district of Erfelek in Sinop Province and consisting of 28 separate small and large waterfalls, this natural wonder is known as Erfelek Waterfalls or Tatlıca Waterfalls. The waterfalls are about 10 km from Erfelek and 45 km from Sinop.

    Erfelek Tatlıca Waterfalls, one of the must-see places in Sinop, was declared a nature park in 2011. There are hiking trails here and it's a great place to spend one or more days in peaceful nature, away from the city hustle and bustle!

    Ilıca Waterfall, Kastamonu

    Valla Canyon is arguably Kastamonu's most famous natural site but Ilıca Waterfall also displays amazing natural beauty.

    The waterfall is located in the village of Ilıca, 12 km away from the district of Pınarbaşı. From the village, you can reach the waterfall with a half-hour hike along a beautiful path.

    The waterfall pours down from a height of approximately 10 meters, and a small natural pool forms underneath. If you wish, you can swim in the pool’s cold water!

    Palovit Waterfall, Rize

    Palovit Waterfall in the Çamlıhemşin district of Rize is one of the natural wonders that make Ayder Plateau a popular destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors. It is located in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park.

    Palovit Waterfall cascades from a height of 15 meters and is the tallest waterfall in the region. The waterfall has a viewing terrace, picnic areas, and campsites in its green surroundings.

    If you wish, you can cross the hanging bridge near the waterfall and make your way to the side of the waterfall – it is the perfect spot for some amazing photos!

    Ciro Waterfall, Artvin

    Ciro Waterfall in the Yusufeli district of Artvin is the tallest waterfall in Türkiye with a height of 165 meters.

    It is possible to trek and hike around the waterfall, to pitch a tent, and to enjoy a camping holiday. It is highly advisable to take an umbrella with you since the Black Sea region's famous rain can catch you at any given moment.

    Bulut Waterfall, Rize

    Bulut Waterfall is located on the Ayder Plateau in Rize. The waterfall cascades down a series of four levels. The waters of Bulut Waterfall are born in the Kaçkar Mountains and blend into Fırtına Creek in the district of Çamlıhemşin

    You can reach the waterfall, which is two kilometers from the district center of Çamlıhemşin, by foot.

    The soothing sound of the waterfall is mesmerizing. If you wish, you can swim here as well.

    Murgul Delikli Kaya Waterfall, Artvin

    Murgul Delikli Kaya Waterfall is located in the Murgul District of Artvin. Even though it is a small waterfall, it attracts attention with its unique structure. Over time, the water eroded the rocks and created a round opening, four meters in diameter. The waterfall flows through this ring and creates a one-of-a-kind natural site. Delikli Kaya Waterfalls, which is considered the forest's ring because of its shape, guarantees excellent photo opportunities. You might also enjoy having a picnic in the surrounding area.

    Gelin Tülü Waterfall, Rize

    Gelin Tülü Waterfall, located in Rize, in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park and on Ayder Plateau, fascinates visitors with its imposing view. The water makes its way downhill bordered on either side with all shades of green.

    If you happen to visit in autumn, you will have the pleasure of admiring the changing colors of nature.

    Maral Waterfall, Artvin

    Maral Waterfall, which is one of the natural wonders of the Black Sea region, is in the Borçka district of Artvin. The waterfall is situated in the Camili Biosphere Reserve, which belongs to UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2005 and attests to the social and ecological importance of the region.

    The waterfall, which falls from 63 meters above Maral Creek, presents a unique landscape. You can reach the waterfall with a kilometer-long hike. It is also enjoyable to swim in the small lake, formed at the bottom of the waterfall.

    Mençuna Waterfall, Artvin

    Located in Kamilet Valley in Artvin's district of Arhavi, Mençuna Waterfall is not to be missed if you are visiting Artvin.

    The waterfall's height is 90 meters; it descends in two stages, at 80 meters and then at 10 meters. It is possible to swim in the small lake formed by the waterfall.

    Tomara Waterfall, Gümüşhane

     Tomara Waterfall, located in the village of Seydibaba in the district of Şiran in Gümüşhane Province, is located 25 kilometers from the center of the district. The source of the water is underground, and the area around the waterfall consists of steep slopes.

    There are many legends about Tomara Waterfalls which the local villagers will be very happy to share with you.

    The waterfall is a favorite destination for photography enthusiasts.


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